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Ipsidy and Skypatrol Ink Agreement for SkyGuru™ in Latin America

Ipsidy Inc.and Skypatrol LLC announced they have agreed to offer SkyGuru. SkyGuru combines Skypatrol's GPS technology with Ipsidy's Transact digital issuance platform and mobile biometrics to deliver integrated cost-control and expense management to trucking fleet operators and logistics companies throughout the Latin American market.

SkyGuru enables trucking fleet operators to create mobile wallets with virtual payment cards for their drivers; place funds in those accounts with a click of a button; enroll gas stations and other merchants with whom the fleet does business; and monitor all activity in real-time. Thanks to SkyGuru, fleets and their drivers no longer need to pay for fuel or services with cash, vouchers, or their personal bank accounts, or payment cards.

SkyGuru is powered by Ipsidy's Transact digital issuance platform offering the Ipsidy Mobile Wallet, a virtual payment account, for mobile devices. The fleet's drivers simply download the Ipsidy Mobile Wallet and then proceed to make their purchases of fuel or other services at participating gas station and other merchants, to which Skypatrol's systems can specifically route them. Participating merchants use Ipsidy's mobile point-of-sale application (MPOS) on a mobile device, thus avoiding the need to purchase and install expensive hardware. Merchants are also able to authenticate the identity of the driver by means of Ipsidy's powerful facial biometric identity solution. Finally, the fleet operator can manage the entire system by means of the financial and fleet management portals provided by Ipsidy and Skypatrol. The system is designed to reduce fraud and paperwork, simplify cash management and allow the fleet operator to track and control the use of their resources.

Skypatrol has agreed to offer SkyGuru as part of its GPS-based fleet-management solution to enhance the operational efficiency and productivity of its clients' operations. Skypatrol currently operates throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and its customers and end users operate in excess of 1,000,000 vehicles.

"We are excited to launch this innovative mobile payment and identity solution, combined with our proven GPS based services. This is the next generation of fleet management software solutions and will allow our clients to significantly improve their operations by lowering costs and improving efficiencies," said Robert Rubin, President & CEO of Skypatrol. "We are pleased to partner with Ipsidy and believe that the Skypatrol-Ipsidy SkyGuruTM solution will complement our existing solutions and provide our clients with a state-of-the-art, secure, easy to implement, business management tool."

Philip Beck, Chairman and CEO of Ipsidy said "Ipsidy is pleased to partner with Skypatrol to launch this innovative fleet-management solution throughout the Latin American market. The combination of Ipsidy's Transact platform and our biometric identity authentication technology, with Skypatrol's broadly adopted GPS solutions, will, we believe, create a powerful offering providing the high level of transaction security, control and certainty that is required to operate in the critical logistics sector."