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SolAero Technologies Awarded Contract to Provide Solar Panels to SSL

June 14, 2018

SolAero Technologies Corp. has been awarded a contract by SSL, a Maxar Technologies company, for the design, manufacture and testing of solar array panels.

The solar panels will be manufactured in SolAero's state-of-art production facility in Albuquerque, NM.  The panels will be populated with SolAero's industry-leading, 32.0% efficient IMM (Inverted Metamorphic) multi-junction solar cells that, at end-of-life, generate in excess of 10% more power than other solar cells in production today. The IMM-α technology is not only the highest performance solar cell currently in production, at the bare solar cell level, IMM-α is also more than 40% lighter than typical high efficiency, space grade solar cells. This combination of peak performance and lowest mass makes the IMM-α an enabling technology for a multitude of critical space missions.

"SolAero is a long term and reliable partner to SSL and we are very pleased to incorporate its new IMM technology into our production spacecraft," said Paul Estey, Chief Operating Officer of SSL. "After many years of development we are pleased that it has become a cost effective solution for our next-generation satellite systems."

"The SolAero team is delighted to have this opportunity to continue supporting our long-time partners at SSL.  IMM's unique value proposition made it an excellent fit for SSL's forward-thinking strategy and will further broaden IMM's already rapid acceptance by the satellite industry," said Brad Clevenger, CEO of SolAero Technologies.