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NASA Awards Change Order to JPSS Common Ground System Contract

May 31, 2018

NASA has definitized additional requirements under the Joint Polar Satellite System Common Ground System contract with Raytheon, IIS of Aurora, Colorado.

This cost-plus award fee modification will increase the contract by $59,249,825 for a total value of approximately $1,919,705,269. The period of performance remains unchanged as September 30, 2022. The work will be performed at Raytheon's facilities, at NASA and NOAA locations and at other US Government facilities.

The additional work is necessary due to new requirements in the technical baseline for the JPSS-2 satellite that were unknown at the time of the initial contract award and that differ from those capabilities required for the JPSS-1 satellite. The work includes, but is not limited to, updating the Block 2.1 Command, Control, and Communications (C3S) to enable C3S to command and control the spacecraft and receive, process and utilize JPSS-2 telemetry; updating the Interface Data Processing Segment to acquire, ingest, and process Stored Mission Data; updating Block 2.1 Flight Vehicle Test Simulator operations Class Simulation Nodes and Ground Link Simulator to support JPSS-2 spacecraft simulation, and; connecting the JPSS Wide Area Network to the spacecraft contractor's facility. 

This modification also updates Security and Privacy controls for Federal Information Systems (NIST 800-53 Rev 4), and extends the Security Incident Response Team efforts through calendar year 2022.

JPSS satellites collect global, multi-spectral radiometry and other specialized meteorological, oceanographic data via remote sensing of land, sea and atmospheric properties. These data support NOAA's mission for continuous observation of Earth's environment to understand and predict changes in weather, climate, oceans and coasts.