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RBC Signals and SatRevolution Announce Ground Services Agreement for CubeSat Missions

June 9, 2020

 RBC Signals and SatRevolution, announced they have signed an agreement. The contract secures Telemetry Tracking and Command (TT&C) and data downloads for SatRevolution, supporting a group of the new space company’s cubesats slated for launch in December 2020.

“The RBC Signals team is proud to support SatRevolution’s cubesats with our global space communications network,” says Christopher Richins, CEO of RBC Signals. “Our infrastructure is uniquely suited to support operators like SatRevolution with resilient, flexible and cost-effective services that reliably meet their mission needs.”

The SatRevolution satellites include dedicated and shared in-orbit demonstration platforms for SatRevolution customers. RBC Signals will provide data delivery services for the spacecraft via the company’s global ground station network. The network is comprised of over 70 antennas in over 50 strategic locations across the globe. SatRevolution will be able to schedule access to ground stations seamlessly through ROSS, RBC Signal’s intuitive online interface for requesting antenna time.

“We’re happy to begin our cooperation with RBC Signals,” says Grzegorz Zwolinski, co-founder and COO of SatRevolution. “At SatRevolution, we believe the ‘ground station as-a-service’ approach is a very scalable and cost-effective way to manage ground services for multiple satellites.”

The agreement between SatRevolution and RBC Signals spans multiple missions with the option for continued services thereafter.





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